"Let's keep
our beaches clean"

Join our journey to develop .BB the BeachBot.

How you can help

Enabled by new tech .BB can interact. With your help .BB will learn to detect more types of small litter. Together we keep the beach clean.

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Scouting swarmbots: collaborative hunt for litter

September 19

In the fourth quarter of 2020, we will again be working with Minor Robotics students from TU Delft. A new concept related to swarm robotics that need to support our BeachBot. We are interested in small robots that can map out rural areas quickly and efficiently. By working together and communicating with each other, the bots should help, for example, to detect and geotag litter on beaches or in parks. The TU students are working towards a proof-of-principle, which they will present in January 2021.

Official demo during World Cleanup Day

September 19

On Saturday September 19 it was World Cleanup Day. With Project.BB we were present on the beach of Scheveningen that day for a successful demo with our BeachBot. Many thanks for everyone who supported us to make this happen.

Test drive on the beach

July 11

BB's first performance on the beach (Beachclub Down Under Beach, Zwarte Pad Scheveningen). It was great to take the robot for a spin and get feedback from beachgoers. We will be out there for another test in August and a demo in September.


Pilot in The Hague

June 4

The Municipality of The Hague is our launching customer. With the cooperation agreement in place we can conduct experiments with the robot and related gamification applications on the beach and boulevard of Scheveningen.


Demo Day at TU Delft

Jan 24

Here it is! The prototype of our BeachBot is ready. Proud of the Minor Robotics team. Excellent Demo Day performance at RoboHouse. Next step: getting BB ready to go outside.

Project.BB - team and prototype.JPG

BB at CES Las Vegas

Jan 7

From 7 -10th of January BB had a booth at Eureka park, next to Holland Tech Square. Amazing experience to be part of CES.tech and to receive so many positive feedback.

bb at ces 2.jpeg

small litter, big challenge

Small litter that roams around on the beach effects the health of sea water, species and eventually our food chain.

Did you know that one cigarette filter can poison hundreds liters of water? Filters won't tear down and breakdown into microplastics.

Our solution

Along with Delft University of Technology we built a demo of a litter picking robot using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our BeachBot (.BB) stops once it recognizes litter and automatically collects it.

Supported by a mobile app and mixed reality game .BB interacts with people and asks for their help to clean the beach. In a playful way we want to contribute to more awareness about littering.

A clever trash worker

Human assistance

Engage with the public on the beach


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